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It is said that one should travel to Samet-Shikhar pilgrimage atleast once in his/her life as it is the penultimate pilgrimage of Jain religion before man’s journey to mortality.

Samet Shikhar


After thinking for about few months or so we decided to go to Samet-Shikhar. We inquired with several tour operators and other relatives as “How to reach Samet-Shikhar”. We heard lot of experience good as well as bad from several people. Many tours and travels operators have special Samet-Shikhar trips / Jatra package available as of now. We decided to plan trip to Samet-Shikhar on our own rather than getting it through any tours or travel agents. It seemed difficult to plan a trip to Samet-Shikhar directly from Mumbai without any idea about the place.

Following set of questions came to our mind while planning :

  • Mode of travel to Samet-Shikhar, either by train or by flight?
  • If by flight, then should we go to Kolkata or Ranchi or Patna?
  • If travel by train, then which are the connecting trains from Kolkata or Ranchi to Parasnath? What are the timings for the same?
  • Incase of train travel, how to reach Madhuban from Parasnath?
  • How many hours will it take to reach Madhuban from either Kolkata or Ranchi?
  • Is road travel safe in that region? By what time should we target to reach Madhuban? Is it safe to travel after sunset or before sunrise to/from Madhuban?
  • Where should we stay in Madhuban? Are there any hotels in that region? Is pre-booking required in any of the Dharamsalas?
  • What all things are required to carry alongwith?

Several other questions also came to our mind.

One can reach Samet-Shikhar via Kolkata, Patna and Ranchi incase one is travelling by air. If one is travelling by trains, then the nearest station is Parasnath. Please check How to Reach section for more details.